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Weight Gain After Surgery

Unfortunately, some people who have weight loss surgery will experience post-surgery complications. There are many physical complications possible, but one of the most frustrating is weight regain. You might think that weight loss is the only possible result after weight loss surgery, but this is not always the case.

Post-Surgery Weight Gain

Often, weight loss surgery patients think that the surgery itself guarantees weight loss. In reality, the surgery can’t make you lose weight all on its own—your weight loss is contingent upon how you eat after you’ve had the procedure. If you don’t follow the post-surgery eating instructions provided by your doctor or other clinician, such as eating small meals, eating nutritious foods, and avoiding snacks, then you might actually gain weight after surgery. The reduced size of your stomach is meant to make these lifestyle changes easier; just don’t forget that it’s these very lifestyle changes that help you lose weight.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid gaining weight after surgery:

  1. Exercise daily. Once you’re out of your recovery period and can take on an exercise schedule, do it! It’s best to strive for 10,000 steps each and every day. If you work in a few weight training sessions each week, you’ll increase your weight loss results and decrease your chances of weight gain significantly.
  2. Use your support group. Many times, the eating habits that create the need for weight loss surgery are rooted in emotion, and they unfortunately don’t just disappear after surgery. If you feel anger, sadness, intimidation, or any other emotion that makes bingeing sound appealing, talk to your support group. They can help you avoid this costly mistake.
  3. Visit your doctor often. He or she will want to keep tabs on your weight loss progress and make sure it’s happening at a healthy pace. Make appointments often and keep them.
  4. Eat right. Eat nutritious foods, appropriate portions, and avoid snacking.