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Weight Loss Results

Jason: Duodenal Switch Surgery Results

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I chose weight loss surgery after health issues such as Plantar Fasciitis and Herniated Disks led to me being unable to exercise or complete many of life’s routine daily activities. I was referred by a former patient who happens to be my sister, and I was excited to have already seen the transformation in quality of life the surgery had on her and several friends from the Facebook DS groups.

Denver and Rachel: Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Go through our closet and pull clothes out that we can’t wear any longer. I’ve got over 50 shirts that I can literally wrap around me twice. That’s how much in eight months weight we’ve lost. It’s kind of depressing, because you’ve invested all this money in clothes and you can’t wear them anymore. You’re literally starting over.

Daniel: Gastric Bypass Surgery

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I tried different types of diets, I tried exercise, I tried cutting out carbs and tried cutting out sugars but to a certain point I was so overweight that working out was difficult. Doing anything was difficult. So attempting to go to the gym five days a week was just not really possible anymore.

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